L'Orée des champs rosé BIO 2023

8,00 - 48,00

Wine made from organically grown grapes. Certified by Qualité France FR-BIO 10


75cl - 13° vol


Colour: deep pink with bluish highlights

Nose: Intense and gourmand, a blend of citrus fruits and tart red berries (raspberry, redcurrant). Slightly spicy finish (licorice).

Palate: Generous, round and full-bodied. Powerful, warm, with citrus and red fruit aromas. The finish is long, delicately spicy and milky.


To drink : Between 10 and 12°.

Enjoy with : Fish, white meats, cold meats, spicy Oriental and Asian dishes

VARIETIES: 70% Grenache 20% Syrah 10% Carignan

YIELD: 30HL per hectare

VINES: between 40 and 50 years old

HARVESTING: 100% manual

TERROIR: clay-limestone soil, commune of Ménèrbes known for its late terroir and its wines of great freshness



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COLOR: slightly deep pink color with bluish reflections

NOSE: intense and greedy, a mixture of citrus fruits and small acidic red fruits (raspberry, red currant). Slightly spicy in the finish (licorice)

PALATE: generous, round with a nice amplitude. It is powerful, warm with aromas of citrus and red fruits. The finish is long, delicately spicy and milky.

DRINKING: between 10 and 12°.

TO TASTE WITH: fish, white meat, cold cuts, spicy oriental and Asian dishes

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Single bottle, Box of 6 bottles


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