The best wines of Luberon and Ventoux

Our cellar is installed since 1923 in the Luberon, in the heart of Provence.
It is located in front of the Monts de Vaucluse, in the hamlet of Coustellet, in the commune of Maubec.

We welcome you Monday to Saturday, 9am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 7pm.


We only sell wines from our own terroirs

The Cave du Luberon is a wine cooperative grouping together 110 producer members

Through our vintages, discover the richness of our terroirs and our know-how


We only sell wines from our own terroirs


The Cave du Luberon is a wine cooperative grouping together 110 producer members


Through our vintages, discover the richness of our terroirs and our know-how


Our best sellers


Wine in bulk

bulk wine cellar of luberon

The Cave du Luberon offers you a qualitative solution with a modern ecological footprint: the bulk wine.

How does it work ?
You just have to come to our store in Maubec with your own containers (minimum 3 liters) and we will fill them with our Organic Wines of France, in red and rosé.


The Cave du Luberon opens its doors all year round, by appointment, and reveals the backstage of the manufacture of our vintages.


Wine of the month

hautes bories 2020

Les Hautes Bories - Red

AOP Ventoux A wine full of softness and finesse, with a great complexity!

Robe: bigarreau with purple highlights.
Nose: very ripe aromas of strawberry and blueberry jam,
fresh notes of redcurrant and ripe raspberry. Black olive,
spices and licorice. Great aromatic complexity.
Palate: coated tannins, superb concentration.
Finish: soft and long, jammy and spicy notes.

Advice : To keep : up to 5 years.
To drink: between 16° and 18°C.
To be served with: red meat (beef rib with pepper, lamb), game.


Our news

Strawberry and Floréale Mochi

August 26, 2022|Comments Off on Strawberry and Floréale Mochi

Let's end this culinary journey of Japan with a sweet dessert: the famous strawberry mochi (in French "gâteau")! Cooked only for special occasions (New Year's Eve), mochi is a very sweet dessert.

Beef curry and Hautes Bories

August 16, 2022|Comments Off on Beef curry and the Hautes Bories

How to envisage a "Japanese" evening without its traditional beef curry? Well spiced, strong in taste, cooked Ai this dish deserved a more powerful wine, with tannins certainly present but well coated. [...]

Ebi Fly and the Lagalea estate

August 5, 2022|Comments Off on Ebi Fly and the Lagaléa domain

These shrimp fritters (Ebi Fly) are a real delight! Accompanied by a tartar sauce or a soy sauce (your choice), they offer a sweet note (shrimp) that is perfect for the Lagalea domain, [...].

  • Gyoza with vegetables and the Orée des champs

Gyoza with vegetables and the Orée des champs

July 26, 2022|Comments Off on Gyoza with vegetables and the Orée des champs

These deep-fried raviolis with seasonal vegetables, half-moon shaped and translucent, can be eaten with (or without) soy sauce. A range of crunchy flavors are released under the tooth, a [...]

  • Shoga yaki and the  Ô de Léthé cellar of the luberon

Shoga Yaki and the Ô de Léthé

July 15, 2022|Comments Off on Shoga Yaki and the O of Lethe

A tasty sweet and salty mixture to continue the tasting. This Japanese-style ginger pork keeps all its gustatory promises. The little bitterness of the ginger gives this dish sweetness [...].

Partnership with the Domaine de Leos

July 6, 2022|Comments Off on Partnership with Domaine de Leos

On July 1st, the Cellar had the pleasure to receive the visit of Patrick Bruel for a tasting of his rosé, "Augusta". Indeed, the singer has been making wine for 2 years now.



The Cave du Luberon offers its technical know-how to other domains, such as the Domaine de Léos, owned by Patrick Bruel, and the domain Les Quelles de la Coste, John Malkovich's vineyard.

Domaine de Léos - Patrick Bruel

domaine de leos patrick bruel
wine patrick bruel leos

The What of the Coste - John Malkovich

which of the coste
which de la coste john malkovich


How long will it take for my order to be delivered?2022-06-03T11:37:02+02:00

We process your orders immediately, as soon as payment is confirmed, then we send the goods to our carrier the next day. It takes between one and two weeks depending on the period of affluence (Christmas and New Year) or by counting the weekends.

Why is wine labeled with the presence of sulfites?2022-07-29T15:28:50+02:00
  • SO2 or sulfur dioxide or sulfur dioxide remains an essential input in wine
  • It has antioxidant and antiseptic properties
  • Sulfur is considered an allergen in the same way as milk, eggs, nuts, etc.
  • Its labeling is mandatory as an allergen to inform the sensitive population
  • Our wines contain SO2 concentrations well below the maximum permitted levels
Do you offer your customers loyalty cards2022-06-03T11:36:41+02:00

Yes, absolutely, our customers can benefit from a "virtual" card in their name where points are accumulated giving the right to free gifts (gift bottles). However, this advantage cannot be combined with the free shipping costs from 350 euros of purchases.

Where do the wines sold in the cellar come from?2022-07-29T15:23:03+02:00

Only the wines produced by the producers of the Cave du Luberon and in the areas of appellation of the communes.

Is there a discount on the cost of transport depending on the quantity ordered?2022-06-03T11:36:37+02:00

Yes, absolutely, and even better than a simple discount! If you spend more than 350 € on purchases, the transport is simply offered to you. We take care of the bill, and it's far too expensive for our taste!

What is organic viticulture?2022-07-29T15:22:09+02:00

Organic winegrowers are obliged to use products that are free of synthetic organic molecules. They use raw materials of natural origin (copper, sulfur, insecticides of plant origin) and seek to promote the natural fight between species. Their objective is to favor the life of the soil, the perenniality of animal and plant species, thus favoring the natural ecosystem.

Are you producers or just resellers?2022-06-03T11:36:32+02:00

Very good question. We are producers, which means that we produce wines exclusively from our own vineyard. Contrary to the wine merchants who resell the wines of other estates.

What are our wine-making practices?2022-07-29T15:22:38+02:00

Traditional vinification for the red wines with temperature control (25 to 28°) and maceration time of about 20 to 30 days, with sometimes an aging in oak barrels. The white wines are obtained by direct pressing with temperature control (from 14 to 18°), as well as maturing on lees and in barrels for certain vintages. The rosé wines are also obtained by direct pressing with temperature control (from 14 to 18°) and a selection of juices for some. At all stages of production, the juices and wines are protected from oxidation with different inerting processes (dry ice, nitrogen...) in order to preserve a maximum of aromatic potential.

Do you offer winery tours or picnics in your vineyards?2022-06-03T11:36:24+02:00

Yes, by appointment only and for a minimum of 5 people. The visit will be in French or English and will be followed by a tasting of four wines of your choice. Please note that a contribution of 5 euros/person will be asked upon arrival. For picnics or "theme evenings", please contact us at 04 90 76 91 02 and we will inform you of our upcoming events.

What is integrated viticulture?2022-07-29T15:20:30+02:00

Sustainable viticulture is a global approach to farm management that aims to reinforce the positive impacts of agricultural practices on the environment and to reduce their negative effects, without jeopardizing the economic profitability of the farms.

What is a cooperative winery?2022-07-29T15:20:02+02:00
  • A cooperative winery is an autonomous association of people voluntarily united to satisfy their economic needs through a business where ownership is collective and power is democratic (1 man, 1 vote).
  • The cellar produces and sells wine from the grapes of its members. It carries out in common the operations of wine making, storage, sale and packaging.
  • At harvest time, the winegrowers who are members of the cellar bring us a selection of their best grapes. Then our entire team works at the winery to vinify and sell the fruit of their harvest.
  • The strength of cooperation lies in the diversity of terroirs, people, ideas and ways of working.
  • We cultivate the difference and we produce good, sincere and clean wines.
Do you limit the use of sulfites in your wines?2022-06-03T11:36:28+02:00

Indeed, we try to minimize the use of sulfites in our wines, well below the average doses claimed by other wineries.


Wine tourism


Discover the treasures of the Luberon through our quality partners.

The Cave du Luberon has selected the best service providers to help you discover our beautiful region through wine tourism.


Very good reception, pleasant staff. You can taste the wine before buying. We find good bottles of the region at a good price.


Excellent address, great choice of local wines, very good welcome, I recommend in particular Les Bories (red), L'Alidon (rosé) and l'ô de l'été rosé, gift box wine/tapenade or other nice.


Although we arrived at the end of the day, we were able to taste the wines quite calmly. The answers to our questions were relevant and the wines were very good value for money. This is a very good address to discover!

Catherine GIL

Dazzling progress concerning the quality of the products, return to an artisanal production.


Warm welcome, wine tasting to discover the region through an adapted and enlightened selection. Good value for money. I recommend for amateurs of good wines eager to be enriched by new flavours.


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